Ominous Words (Steve Caprio) is a full-time artist from Fontana, California. He creates with a paintbrush, pencil, digital drawings and graphics, sewing, woodworking, and even gardens. Just a passion for learning and trying new stuff. He grew up listening to all music but loved to write and eventually formed a friendship, through smoking weed, with a bunch of guys who rapped in a group called Psycho Ward. They had an in-home studio and it was there that Steve got a taste for writing to beats to create a song. Up until then, he just freestyled in his Volkswagon bus with buddies. He recorded his first song with two boom boxes in his Mom's bathroom in the early '90s. One played an instrumental on cassette while the other recorded. He has an original and unique sound that hasn't been compared to any other artist.

"Independent and real; like you've never heard." - I.E. Weekly

Ominous Words was the first hip hop artist featured in the I.E. Weekly
as Band of the Week. Followed by Sly Boogy & Noa James.

In the early 2,000's Ominous Words met Dj Abzorb through his cousin Cody (AKA Psyborg) who made beats and had turntables, a mic, and an eighth track recorder. , He recorded all of his early music in Dj Abzorb's bedroom. With other M.C.'s such as Psyborg, Stigma One & Fye. Which gave birth to his first album, Simple But True. The song, I Want To Get High, by Ominous Words and Psyborg, has over 1,000,000 plays on Spotify.

His second album, Kill The Static, was recorded at Seahorse Sound on a vintage 1950's ribbon mic. That album isn't available today but a few of the songs live on in a new project called Face Value which is streaming everywhere and a mix of old and new music.

"Ominous Words has been around for several years in California, but with Kill The Static, Ominous Words throws his hat in the ring with other articulate and intelligent rappers like Sage Francis, Aesop Rock and others who are bringing brains into the rap game. Ominous Words is Steve Caprio, and on this album Caprio preaches about the wrongs and the rights of our country. He even gives a huge plug to the marijuana lobby NORML and its founder, Keith Stroup, who I’ve met and is worthy of more plugs on more albums.

- Marquee Magazine

This is when Ominous Words started to get some recognition. He started playing local shows and special events and after-parties at skate, snow, and cannabis trade shows. He sold over 10,000 CDs between events and gas stations. He has been both, High Times Artist of the Month and Artist of the Week. He was the first artist sponsored by Skullcandy Headphones and has had his music featured on countless skate and snowboard videos. He's shared the stage with KRS One, U God of Wu-Tang, Pepper, Eek A Mouse, Akil of Jurassic 5, and more. Venues include the House of Blues, Mammoth Mountain, Mandalay Bay, the Whiskey, Glass House & more. Including large festivals. He was also interviewed on the NORML Podcast, which was one of their top 5 downloaded interviews, next to Willie Nelson & Tommy Chong.  

“He’s really more of an old-school wordsmith, a conscious rapper who pens rhymes about things that truly matter.”

- HIGH TIMES Magazine

15 years ago he found out he was going to be a Dad, Stepping away from music, for more than a decade, he has focused on raising his daughter, he went back to school, and built his business. Though he continued to write daily. He eventually met LDontheCut (DJ for Sublime with Rome) and they recorded a few songs that received high praise.. pun intended ;) Ominous Words song HOTBOX THE PLANET was featured on Euro Invasion, a Wu-Tang compilation CD with GZA, Method Man, and others. The song found itself on to the TOP 25 Online Radio Charts for 23 weeks and peaked at #6. They then recorded Ms. Doja featuring Planet Asia, Ariano, and Thoughtsarizen as well as a song called Cali Soul, a song co-produced by Akil of Jurassic 5, and LDontheCUT featuring Abstract Rude, Zen of the Visionaries, and Thoughtsarizen. Following the success of those songs, he recorded a solo song called Catchin' Letters.

Ominous Words showcases lyrical dexterity on “Catchin' Letters” a smooth laid-back but somewhat experimental record that strays from the norm. With the fluid and choppy production by LDontheCut, Ominous Words goes for the jugular with his vivid lyrics and engaging delivery.

Fast forward and Ominous Words has spent the past year in the studio. Several sessions a week, recording over 40 new songs. Mostly singles, a couple of E.P.s., and an album.  His singles range from hip hop to indie pop, folk-hop, and heavier stuff. He records at Pinnacle Studio in Orange County with LDontheCUT, who mixes and masters all of his new music. LDontheCUT is the DJ for Sublime with Rome with credits including B Real, Dirty Heads, Snoop, Lupe Fiasco, R.A. the Rugged Man, and more. Some of his new work, like BRING THE TROUBLE, features Akil of Jurassic 5, Fatlip from the Far Side, formerly Pharcyde, and Rakaa of Dilated Peoples. Rabbit Hole features production by Awol One and vocal from Efrem Schulz, lead singer of Voodoo Glow Skulls, and Death by Stereo.
Ominous Words, in a partnership with Daniel Park, owner of AcropolisRPM, launched 55 Music, a digital distribution company, through the Orchard which is a subsidiary of Sony Music. Which will distribute all of Ominous Words music digitally.

Ominous Words is currently releasing singles and preparing for live shows.